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French Ignition has events in Glasgow every week

Now you can learn French, meetup with new friends and have fun. It's all happening at French Ignition in Glasgow

If you would like to learn French and you live in or around Glasgow then you're in luck. French Ignition is happening near you! We offer a range of conversation groups (classes) and various other meetup opportunities around the Glasgow area. However, learning how to speak French is just one part of French Ignition. When you join us you'll also get an opportunity to experience the best of French culture including; wonderful food, fine wines, music, cinema, books, trips and other special events.

You don’t need to be a fluent French speaker to join French Ignition. Even if you are a beginner, French Ignition has a group tailored to your needs. Rest assured, you'll get plenty of support from our native speakers and more fluent group members are always happy to help.

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Whether you're a fluent French speaker or you're trying to learn French for the first time, we have group, classes and events that are perfect for you.


One of our groups is designed specifically with beginners in mind so no need to be scared, everyone will be in the same boat as you. However, you can still attend any of the other groups and many of our beginners do as they find it beneficial to mix with more fluent speakers. You are also very welcome to just listen in until you build up your confidence if you prefer.


You will find many people with a level of French similar to your own and because our groups are split into smaller groups of no more than five people, you will have plenty of opportunities to express yourself. Don’t worry, a native speaker will always be there to provide help when you need it!


Don't forget that learning how to speak French is just one part of French Ignition. With us you'll enjoy films, great French food, wine tasting, special events and even trips to France. We're very serious about having fun.